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14th October – Workshop for K-Blue Laser (DEBUT)

15th October – 1st Level Training Course for Plasma and Soft Surgery

New date soon! – Non Surgical Blepharoplasy & Soft Surgery Workshop

New date soon! – Workshop for Biofibre Hair Implant

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Plasma is definitely one of our most interesting developments; a real revolutionary and patented innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery. Plasma represents a new and exciting frontier in surgery; an alternative approach to procedures that were, until now, highly invasive, involving surgical resection, sutures and post-operative hospital recovery.


This automatic hair implant device is a simple and effective cosmetic surgery device suitable for treating hair loss conditions with immediate aesthetic result. Our device certified to production and distribution and has several scientific publications proving its short and long term efficiency.


K-Laser Blue Derma is a three-wavelength device that mainly exploits the 445 nm one, which is combined with 660 nm and 970 nm ones since they support super cial and deep tissue biostimulation. Unlike all other infra-red lasers, K-Laser is not based on water absorption but rather on the absorption of melanin and haemoglobin.


Essential, safe and toxic risk free treatment for your patient health, beauty and physique. The latest generation of easy-tech instruments for the micro-injection of medicinal carbon dioxide (CO2) and hyperbaric O2 administered either subcutaneous or intradermal level.

FusionGT and Oxygenetix announce protocol partnership for their soft surgery procedures.

FusionGT and Oxygenetix have announced that FusionGT are promoting the use of Oxygenetix in all of their plasma treatments.

FusionGT want to ensure that patients receive the best coverage post treatment and therefore are recommending Oxygenetix, the heal and conceal post procedure foundation.  Available in 14 shades across the foundation and acne control range, Oxygenetix is a breakthrough oxygenating foundation that works like a virtual breathable skin.  The 24 hour oxygen uptake allows for greater healing giving a beautiful, natural, complete coverage. “We are delighted to be working with FusionGT, who are pioneering new advances in anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation.  It is very exciting to be working in this area and Oxygenetix provides an amazing partner to these essential procedures.  Patients will be happy with their coverage and natural feeling of their skin post treatment.  As an innovative, forward thinking product, it is an ideal fit with FusionGT”, says Jenny Claridge, Director of Sales for Oxygenetix. Untitled

Perfect for any skin type

Our machines are used by surgeons worldwide and recognised as the safest prosthetic surgery machines on the market right now. All our machines have been developed as a logical evolution of technological achievements in physics and electronics, supporting the requirements of surgeons so that they can achieve results in their performance. It has captured attention because it is effective on all skin types. Unlike some other machines on the market, our machines do not have any negative side-effects on darker skin tones. Tried and tested, surgeons themselves were amazed by the results.

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The revolutionary method that is changing approaches to aesthetic medicine and surgery.

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Fusion GT is a distributor for medical equipments in the UK, specialised in plasma. Our expertise lies in the winning combination of technological innovation balanced by a wealth of clinical knowledge and industry experience. Our innovative product range offers a range of treatments for the face and body, enhanced by extensive training, great service and thorough support. Our mission is to provide modular, cost-effective and high-performance products that enable surgeons to offer their patients safe, effective and profitable aesthetic treatments with total confidence.

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