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Are the medical devices certified?

Yes, all our medical devices are internationally certified and covered by an international patent.

Can the equipment be used by non-medical personnel?

No, our equipment is CE 0430 and is strictly for use by medical personnel.

Do I have to attend your training before I can place my order?

Yes, attending at least one of our training sessions is required before you can place your order. It’s only one day of training, and will also give you the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals.

Do I need to pay to take part in training?

Yes. For pricing and more information contact the head office.

Do I need to purchase the equipment if I wish to attend a training session?

No, there is no obligation to purchase the equipment to be able to participate.

Will I be fully trained after I purchase equipment?

Yes, our work begins after the sale because our main objective is to have numerous UK doctors fully trained and confident performing our Soft Surgery method.

I am a beautician, will supply me with your equipment?

No, unfortunately we do not supply our equipment to anyone other than doctors and nurses. The inventors have issued a strict policy on who we can and cannot supply.

Does the equipment have a warranty?

Yes, our equipment is covered by a two year international warranty.

Do I get any advertising material?

Yes, FusionGT will provide all the relevant material after the sale.

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