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SKIN MESO – The only class III injectable for youthful skin

SKIN MESO is a line of medical devices which can induce real Bio Stimulation and Bio Restoration in the skin. Based on the principle of the activation of the CD44 of fibroblasts in order to provide the cell with the necessary principles to build up collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans.

The Bio Stimulation of SKIN LINE is based on fragments of hyaluronic acid and amino acids. This mesotherapy treatment helps keep the skin youthful looking, by producing reticular collagen, improving firmness, elasticity and skin tone and counteracting the effects of free radicals.

All SKIN line products are sterile solutions, in vials of 5 or 10 ml and injectable intradermally or subcutaneously. They are Class Ill A medical devices certified by the lstituto Superiore di Sanita.

There are 4 product ranges in the SKIN lineSKIN OX, SKIN R, SKIN B and SKIN Colin.



  • Improvement of acne (Skin Ox)
  • Improvement of stretch marks (Skin R)
  • Whitening action for the treatment of skin discoloration (Skin Ox)
  • Firming and shaping (Skin R, Skin Colin)
  • Slowing down of biological damage (Skin B, Skin Ox, Skin Colin)
  • Stimulation of collagen (Skin B, Skin Ox, Skin Colin)
  • Increasing Luminosity (Skin B, Skin Ox, Skin Colin)
  • Skin Turgor (Skin B, Skin Ox, Skin Colin)
  • Deep moisturizing (Skin B, Skin Ox, Skin Colin)
  • Improvement of wrinkle appearance (Skin B, Skin OX, Skin Colin)



Exclusive formulation based on a careful selection of the ingredients already present in the skin naturally.


Sterile vial to grant the highest purity and no risk of bacterial contamination. Differentiated and easy protocols. Medical Device Class Ill A (the highest class).


For the treatment of most advance bio-stimulation we recommend 4 sessions every week and 2 sessions every two weeks